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Camping Areas

In our beautiful Island there are a lot of designated camping areas.  You can camp at the beach or in different parks and forests.  Each camping area has different facilities and different rules.  To have a clear idea of the facilities and prices of each camping area please click here


What you need to go camping

In Puerto Rico, we have a lot of places to camp, but we still don't have a camping gear rental place.  To be sure of that you have all you need to go camping please click here

To buy camping gear in Puerto Rico

Even thou we enjoy camping in our Island we still don't have a lot of places where to buy camping gear.  You can find some affordable gear at the super stores like K-Mart or Walmart.  But if you want to buy better quality camping gear you should visit the camping gear store: ACAMPA.  This company also offers excursions to different areas in Puerto Rico.  ACAMPA is sponsored by the department of tourism of Puerto Rico.  To go to there webpage please click here.

Our camping gear
One thing is what you need and another is what you want.  We have build our collection of different gear and we now have a great variety.  In this section you can see our gear with pictures of each one*.  To see the list please click here

*These gear are not for sale, there are property of Demasiao.com and are only to give an idea of what you can find.

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